Saanjhbati  Parisheba
               Saanjhbati  Parisheba is a new program that aims to take care of lonely parents while they are in their own home. The challenge of care giving- Can we develop better support systems for the elderly?

Your Challenge:            
             Aging is a process in our lives that everyone dreads going through. As the biological functioning of our body falls off, our physical strength and agility are taken away. Gradually, we become unaware of how to behave and whom to turn to. Feeling useless at the crucial junctures can wreak a major toll on our lives. Lack of access and delay in receiving care can result in worse outcomes for elders.          
                  Why enduring all this alone and drain the last ounce of life before time? There is no worry greater than the constant fear of who to call if an elderly person falls down or falls ill. Who do you trust to get things done on time?

Our Resolution
          A growing body of evidence supports that prevention has always been effective in reducing the effect of chronic conditions. Keeping the problems and needs of the current family and work conditions in mind,
               Saanjhbati  Parisheba has brought under its roof a support system of skilled employees who are not just expert in the field but also 

efficient to give the extra love and care one deserves. 

                   Saanjhbati  Parisheba provides wide range of health care services that can be given in your home for any need, emergency, or illness. The facility is built to suit your pocket, with friendly monthly or annual schemes, and just as effective as the care you get in a skilled nursing facility.  
                   Our mission is to provide quality services adapted to your needs and that of your loved ones. We aim to maintain and improve the quality  of life while giving a sense of well-being and security to our member. Visits from our caregivers can be daily, weekly or monthly to suit your particular needs. We will provide you with a full report after each visit and will also follow up with each member to ensure that they themselves are also just as satisfied with our services. Your satisfaction and well-being of your loved ones is our priority and we are committed to providing services and care giving that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

                     Getting older shouldn't mean losing your independence.                         Saanjhbati  Parisheba provides quality care support for its older service users, enabling them to continue living fulfilling lives in the homes that they know and love.
                     Its time to say good bye to all your troubles. All u need to do is tell us your needs by registering and we will take care of the rest.

" Respect, Independence and Dignity...   We Listen, We Hear. "