Gently stretch your muscles and tendons in your fingers, wrists, neck/shoulders, back and legs.     

 Before you start to try any of them for yourself, it is very important that you do go through them all carefully with your own doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor first.
So, feeling warm and relaxed, lie down on a comfortable, flat surface.
1. Legs to side: Keeping your upper body still, and your shoulders on the ground, tuck your feet up towards your bottom. Then gently roll your knees over to the left - breathing out. And then up again. And then over to the right. Do that 3 times. You can also gently drop your knees apart, breathing out. 3 times.
2. Lower back: With your knees up and your feet flat on the ground, and keeping your lower back on the ground too - just curl your bottom and hips upwards and inwards a little bit, with the lower abdomen.
3. Legs - knees up to chest: Hold one knee gently towards your chest, as you push your other knee onto the ground. And with the other leg. Then pull both knees gently towards your chest.
4. Body stretch: Lie down flat. Very gently stretch your left leg downwards, as you gently reach your left arm upwards above your head. Then do that for your right side. Then very gently stretch your left leg downwards, as you gently reach your right arm upwards above your head. Then do that the other way round.
And some other leg muscle stretches, standing up.
5. Quadriceps (muscles at the front of your thighs): Supporting yourself, pull your left leg and foot up behind your bottom. Keep upright, keep your bottom in, and your knee pointing straight down. And you should just feel a gentle stretch at the front of your thigh. Breathe out while you do it. Then the other side.
6. Hamstrings (muscles at the back of your thighs): Put your right foot forward, then bend your left leg, and using your left leg to support your weight, keep your back straight, as you bend forward, with your bottom pointing back. Feel a gentle stretch at the back of your thigh. Then the other side.
7. Calf muscles (step): On a step, take your weight on your left leg, and bend it slightly. Let the heel of your right leg hang down off the step and very gently stretch the calf muscles in your right leg. Then the other side.
8. Calf muscles (alternative): If you haven’t got a step, then put your left foot forward and bend it, taking the weight on it. Then put your right foot back. Keep your right leg straight and with your toes pointing forwards. Then the other side.
Only as you are able to do any of these exercises without any pain or discomfort or dizziness or exhaustion, but only a gentle feeling that your muscles have been working, then very gradually build up how many you do, and how far you can stretch - but only ever within the limits of what you can do without pushing yourself. If you start to have any problems at all doing any stretching exercises, then stop them, and go back to your doctor, physio or chiropractor again for more advice. But if you are able to do some of these, very gently, under medical advice, then I hope you enjoy them, and I hope they help!